Kevin Levrone EAA 195g – Fruit Punch


Product Name: Kevin Levrone EAA 195g – Fruit Punch


Product Name: Kevin Levrone EAA 195g – Fruit Punch

Essential Amino Acid Synergy

Kevin Levrone’s EAA is a precision-engineered blend of essential amino acids designed to support your bodybuilding and athletic endeavors. The EAA formula shines with its capacity to foster an anabolic environment for muscles, helping not only to build new muscle fibers but also to preserve the muscle mass you’ve painstakingly acquired. For those serious about maintaining peak muscle condition, this amino acid powerhouse is an indispensable addition to your fitness arsenal.

Customized Consumption for Maximum Results

Efficient dosing is the key to unlocking the full potential of Kevin Levrone’s EAA. Mix approximately one serving of 6.5 grams in 250 ml of cold water to experience the full might of amino acids in action. Recommended intake includes 1-2 servings daily, ideally between meals and before bed on non-training days. On workout days, adjust the timing to before, during, or post-workout to fuel muscle endurance and recovery.

Power-Packed Nutritional Profile

Dig into the nutritional bedrock of Kevin Levrone’s EAA, and you will find an amino matrix rich in BCAA — L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine — alongside L-lysine HCl, L-methionine, and more. These vital components play crucial roles in protein synthesis, muscle repair, and energy provision. The meticulous balance of these elements makes for a premium supplement that supports your training and dietary needs.

  • Supports muscle anabolism and maintenance
  • Enhances muscle recovery and endurance
  • Provides a full spectrum of essential amino acids


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