Himalaya Cystone 100 tabs


Natural Kidney and Urinary Tract Support:

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Natural Kidney and Urinary Tract Support:

Himalaya Cystone tablets harness a blend of naturally sourced ingredients known to bolster renal and urinary tract function. This herbal supplement is crafted to help reduce the risk of stone formation in the urinary system and promotes overall urinary health. By decreasing the concentration of stone-forming substances in the urinary tract, Cystone works effectively in the early stages of urolithiasis.

Smoothening Urinary Passage:

The carefully selected herbs in Cystone assist in relaxing the smooth muscles of the urinary tract, aiding in the easier passage and expulsion of stones. The preventative benefits of this natural formula also extend to inhibiting the formation of new stones, ensuring long-term urinary wellness.

Relief from Urinary Discomfort:

Himalaya Cystone offers comfort from the pain and burning sensations often associated with urinary ailments. Its dual action as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent helps in preventing recurrent urinary infections while providing symptomatic relief. The diuretic effects of Cystone further contribute to maintaining a healthy urinary system.

  • Supports kidney and urinary tract function
  • Aids in the smooth passage of urinary stones
  • Provides relief from urinary discomfort
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