Hammer Labz Tudca Shield 60 caps


Unlock the Power of Tudca for Optimal Liver Health

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Unlock the Power of Tudca for Optimal Liver Health

Introducing Hammer Labz Tudca Shield 60 caps – your fortress against liver toxicity and the prime aid for maintaining a robust liver function. Each serving is optimally dosed with 300 mg of tauroursodeoxycholic acid, commonly known as TUDCA, a bile acid that offers a shield against the harmful effects of toxic steroid metabolites, promoting their swift removal and supporting the overall integrity of liver tissues.

Enhance Bile Flow and Detoxification

Tudca Shield not only focuses on protection but also works efficiently to enhance the bile flow from the liver to the duodenum, bridging the crucial gap between detoxification and digestive health. This process is vital for flushing out unwanted substances and ensuring that your digestive system runs smoothly, contributing to your body’s overall wellbeing.

NAC – The Antioxidant Powerhouse

The inclusion of N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) in Tudca Shield fortifies your body’s defenses against oxidative stress. This potent antioxidant aids in reducing cell damage, bolstering immunity, and enhancing athletic endurance by mitigating fatigue. Furthermore, NAC supports respiratory health by facilitating better lung ventilation and oxygenation – essential for peak physical performance and rapid post-workout recovery.

💡 Main Benefits:

  • ✅ Promotes detoxification and improves bile flow for robust liver function
  • ✅ Supports respiratory health and enhances athletic endurance
  • ✅ Aids in rapid recovery and reduces inflammation post workouts
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