Amix Anabolic Monster Beef 1000g


💪 Protein Prowess: High-Quality Hydrolyzed Beef Protein

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💪 Protein Prowess: High-Quality Hydrolyzed Beef Protein

Unlock the power of exceptional protein with Amix Anabolic Monster Beef 1000g. Comprised of 90% hydrolyzed beef protein, this supplement is an exemplary source of high-grade protein. The hydrolysis process not only ensures rapid absorption for immediate amino acid delivery but also boasts remarkable nutritional values and solubility. With minimal fat and carbohydrate content, energy expenditure during digestion is drastically reduced, allowing for efficient nutrient uptake and muscle repair.

🏋️ Speedy Recovery and Muscle Growth

Experience accelerated recovery and muscle-building, thanks to the integrated creatine monohydrate in Anabolic Monster Beef 1000g. Creatine enhances energy potential, explosive strength, and recuperation between workouts while promoting lean muscle mass development. Furthermore, the Nitro Shot Complex heats up your bloodstream, ensuring swift nutrient delivery to the muscle fibers, while PhosphoMatrix guarantees an ample supply of vital minerals necessary for optimal body function.

🌱 Pure and Simple: Low Carb, Highly Digestible

Benefit from the simplicity of Anabolic Monster Beef 1000g—with negligible levels of fats and carbohydrates, this protein is easily digestible, allowing for quick and efficient protein synthesis. The scientifically formulated blend is low in sugar, aiding those who are monitoring their carbohydrate intake. Enriched with creatine monohydrate, you’re not only getting a high-quality protein source but also a staple supplement for improving performance and power.

  • Rapid amino acid supply
  • Exceptional nutritional profile
  • Highly digestible with low carb content

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