DNA Anabolics YK-11 60 caps


Boost Your Muscle Growth Safely

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Boost Your Muscle Growth Safely

Revolutionize your fitness journey with DNA Anabolics YK-11, a potent SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) designed to mimic the positive effects of DHT without the downsides. Enhance your muscle mass significantly with this formidable anabolic compound, which stands out for enabling greater muscle growth with striking safety and efficacy profiles.

Myostatin Inhibition for Breakthrough Lean Muscle Gain

Unlock your muscle-building potential with DNA Anabolics YK-11 – your secret weapon against myostatin. This powerful inhibitor works overtime to help you breach training plateaus, facilitating rapid muscle development. By skyrocketing follistatin levels, YK-11 paves the way for phenomenal gains in muscle hardness and definition like never before.

Sculpt Your Physique with Enhanced Anabolic Activity

Experience unmatched anabolic activity with DNA Anabolics YK-11. This exceptional SARM not only supports substantial muscle gains but also acts as an excellent anti-catabolic agent. Keep your hard-earned muscles intact while sculpting the lean, defined physique you desire. For wellness enthusiasts seeking to refine muscle contours and enhance training outcomes, YK-11 is the go-to supplement.


  • Accelerated Muscle Growth
  • Improved Muscle Definition
  • Efficient Training Plateau Breakthrough
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