Amix Glutamine Micro Powder Drink 360 g


Amix Glutamine Micro Powder Drink 360 g

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Amix Glutamine Micro Powder Drink 360 g

Maximize Your Muscle Recovery

Elevate your fitness regime with Amix Glutamine Micro Powder Drink, a refreshing and delicious beverage designed for those who push their limits. Our premium-grade L-Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the body, aids in muscle recovery and supports your workout efforts. Indulge in the subtle satisfaction of knowing you’re fueling your body with a fitness enthusiast’s ideal post workout necessity.

Precision-Based Nutrition for Optimal Performance

Specially formulated for the dedicated athlete, the Amix Glutamine Micro Powder Drink offers an easy-to-measure 6g scoop, ensuring precise nutritional support tailored for your training needs. Integrating seamlessly into your fitness regimen, this drink optimizes your pre and post workout hydration and nourishment, delivering 5000 mg of L-Glutamine in each serving to keep you performing at your peak.

Premium-Quality Ingredients for Uncompromised Purity

Made with the internationally recognized Kyowa Quality® L-Glutamine, and carefully balanced with naturally-derived ingredients, our powder promises a clean, vibrant boost without the clutter of unnecessary additives. The absence of common allergens and the inclusion of plant-based colors and flavors enhance the purity and appeal of our blend, meeting the high standards of health-conscious individuals.

  • Helps replenish glutamine levels post workout for faster recovery
  • Supports immune system and muscle function during training
  • Ultra-pure, premium L-Glutamine for clean athletic nutrition

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